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Sharks Development Program

Parent Information

As a club, we are in the fortunate position to have two senior teams for our kids to aim towards. Our top tier team, the Redland Football Club plays in the NEAFL competition which is the premier senior competition in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.


Teams compete from each of these three regions. As a junior club, it is our goal to expose as many kids as possible to this top level of football and give them the best chance they can of making the NEAFL team when they’re older.


The Sharks Development Program has been established to identify talented youth footballers and get them working with the NEAFL coaches and players so they start to get a better understanding of what is required of players at this level.


Children will be given the opportunity to be a part of this program when they display the skill and attitude expected at this level of competition. This program will include attitude sessions, training programs, future plans and game styles so the kids can start to understand what’s expected to make the grade at the NEAFL level.


Sharks Program

Outside The Locker Room (OTLR)

The Victoria Point Sharks is proud to have this great program as part of our youth space for 2018 and beyond. All kids 14 and over will be given the option to be a part of this awesome program. It's an educational program that helps teenage kids and young adults with various aspects of life that they have to deal with in today's world. It offers coping techniques and access to professionals that can help our kids if required.


There will be education sessions around drug and alcohol abuse, leadership, mental health issues, gambling + more. As a club we are excited about what this program can offer our kids.


This is the aspect of our club that we take very seriously as we want to ensure that our kids are involved in a great community throughout their teenage years.


Outside The Locker Room

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