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Developing Awesome Young People Through Footy At The Sharks.  It’s  More Than Football

Victoria Point Sharks believe team sport is a vital part of a child’s  life. So many life lessons can be taught and learnt through team sport participation. Achievement, setting goals, making friends, teamwork, acquiring new skills, getting involved in community, fun and fitness amongst many others.


At the Victoria Point Sharks, we have a core set of values that we want to instil into our kids. Words that can be easily referenced by all coaches no matter what age they are coaching. We believe having a  

base set of values is a powerful message for our kids. We chose words that resonate as a life message as well as football. Our ABC of values for our club are as follows:


A – Attitude – Turn up with a great attitude to anything in your life, you’ll increase the chance of success.


B – Belief – Believe in your own ability surrounded by people instilling belief in you and you will achieve. Turn up with absolute belief that you can beat the guy standing beside you.


C – Consistency – Apply anything in your life with consistency and you will see great results. The ordinary done consistently well produces extraordinary results.

Participation in the game is just part of the story. Victoria Point Sharks take a proactive role in developing awesome kids off the field as well. We have a number of off field initiatives and education programs that help our kids better navigate life choices and help make them more aware of choices they make as they get older.




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Paying Your Registration Fees

Payment to be linked to Sports Pulse website – I think this could be linked to our bank account because Sporting Pulse take their component at the time of registration.  The balance of the registration fee is payable to VPJAFC.


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